How to keep hair healthy for black people

How to keep hair healthy for black people You can sit under a hood dryer or wrap your head in a towel that has been soaked in hot water.
Afro hair is washed less often so the treatment will last more than the time said.
Start by applying a scalp protector or petroleum jelly to your scalp and to your hair shaft.
Protein reconstructor will help to prevent damage and will make your hair more resilient.
Growing your hair until the ends hit your bra strap will take about 3 years total.
Walking around with your hair brushing against cotton shirts all the time can cause your hair ends to break off.
You can also use Shea butter for moisture and a little vitamin E because it tends to dry your hair a little.
Avoid habits such as twirling your hair around your finger because this will make your hair more likely to thin out and break off.
Protein treatments along with deep conditioning twice a month will help your hair to grow healthy and long.
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SLS can strip hair of its protective natural oils that keep strands supple and strong.
An added moisture boost makes hair look softer and helps you avoid dry scalp and flakes.
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Real Health visitors regularly buy some of their hair products at beauty supply stores.
Relax with Care Chemical abuse is one of the biggest causes of hair damage in black women.
Overlapping a relaxer onto previously relaxed hair is another major cause of breakage.
It also leads to less breakage and less frustration in dealing with two different textures.
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You must also condition it regularly to keep the hair from drying out and breaking off on the ends.
After your hair becomes healthier you will experience less split ends and you will not need to trim as often.
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How to Give Your Daughter Her First Home Perm Many African American women start giving their children perms at very young ages.
The reason why is because it usually helps to make the hair a lot more manageable.
My hair has grown over 4 inches within the past 6 months because I take care of my own hair wrapping and wear my lace front wig.
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The highly textured hair type that many women of African descent possess is quite fragile and prone to dryness.
The tight coils and bends in the hair strands usually make it difficult for protective oils produced by the scalp to travel down the hair strand.
Strengthening Many black women experience hair breakage for which they are unable to account.
Chemicals and improper brushing or combing techniques can wreak havoc on the hair and undermine months of progress.
Black women who regularly use chemical straighteners or perms might want to stretch the time between treatments or stop the treatments entirely.
The main exception to this would be for black women who do not wish to grow their hair longer.
Trimming with dull scissors leaves the freshly cut ends vulnerable to splitting.
Extra Tips Steam treatments can provide deep moisturization of the hair strands and should be followed up with a light oil to help seal in the moisture.
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Many African American women are reluctant to do this because they want long hair.
Clip your ends at least once every six weeks and any other time you notice frayed ends.
Forget about all the hype that you see in advertisements about conditioners that repair ends.
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The first thing most Black women do wrong when it comes to taking care of their hair is that they do not moisturize often enough or use the right products to moisturize with.
Black hair is naturally the driest kind of hair there is because the curl pattern makes it difficult for sebum to nourish the entire hair strand.
The best moisturizers for black hair list water or glycerin as the first ingredient.
For more tips about Black hair care and to keep up to date on my own personal hair growth progress visit my blog.

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